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Welcome to May.
the Grace of the Almighty God continue to be with us, in Nigeria this May and for evermore.

The Nigerian Election is over and a new government of the All Progressive Congress (APC) is taken over at the Federal level on May 29, 2015.
Their cry for “CHANGE!” was welcomed with open arms by millions of famished Nigerians.

The outgoing government of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is not at ease. A lot of internal agitation, Blame games, and outright mud-slinging has been the order of the day. WHY is this so? In the past couple of years, the general state of affairs in the country has been woeful. The citizens have watched with dismay as their welfare, to a large extent, has been thrown to the dogs of the Oil subsidy Scam and other high profile looters in high places.

The PDP slogan rings “Power to the People”. But it was very clear that the reverse is the situation on ground. To the discerning mind, the handwriting was clearly on the wall; and the general atmosphere was rank with discontent. It seems it was only the PDP stalwarts and their devotees who did NOT see the “Change” coming.

The PDP has been in power since 1999 – without any interruption. They had become very comfortable. Every four years – 1999, 2003, 2007, and 2011 – the PDP had won the Elections convincingly. That is why they are still shell-shocked at the monumental loss to the opposition in the 2015 Elections.
But they need not be dismayed, agitated or to indulge in Blame trade.
If they are wise, they should soberly reconvene, sit down, tell themselves some bitter home truths and re-strategize for the next Election.

As for the APC Federal Government to be in control from MAY 29, 2015, yours is a regime whose TIME has come. The rudder of Nigeria’s ship of state is in your hands. Nigerians are waiting to see and feel how you will steer the affairs, and how you will harness resources for their benefit.

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I am honoured to have the priviledge of writing the very first words on this desk out to you. From the very depths of my heart I reach out in greetings to you our readers. This is an historic moment – the establishment of an association between you and us. It is an association which will forge into a lasting and mutually fulfilling bond.

Here comes the very first edition of Thinker’s Digest to you On-line.
What’s in it for me? I can hear you ask.

Well, we have a mind-full for you here. Now let me see…
Our BOOK CHOICE From Beyond the Ordinary – Dying – No don’t let us start with that- death comes at the end.

Our Cover Feature is all about living – in our beloved, but ailing Nigeria. You have heard numerous epistles on Nigeria that could drive one over the edge. But our epistle here is a cry from Nigeria herself – a cry from the Heart. It is compulsive reading.
While on Nigeria, we believe in tackling the harsh realities. So we prescribe the scalpel to exorcise whatever demon that is giving good, old democracy a bad name in Nigeria – making the system to work against the people.

Nobel laureate, Professor Wole Soyinka’s ‘feet’ are tired! Here is a voice no one on the planet dares to ignore. And his punches are as potent now as Nigerian politicians march towards 2011 as they were in 1994. What do you think of fellow human beings – creatures of God’s Hand flocking to a ‘church’ for the worship of Lucifer? We have the conventional thoughts on them and we have the adherents themselves speaking for themselves in our Special Feature: Satan Worship. Ambassador Segun Olusola mni, CFR is Africa’s first Television producer and is the creator of the now rested Nationally acclaimed Television drama series, the Village Headmaster. Older folks know this piece of information very well. What many probably do not know is that the married life of Chief Olusola, former Nigeria’s ambassador to Ethiopia and the OAU (now AU) with Elsie (“Sisi Clara” of the Village Headmaster fame) – of blessed memory – was a lesson in ‘unity in diversity’. The highly revered Chief himself tells it all under our V.I.P. – Very Interesting Personality department.

I must not forget to let the cat out of the bag from here that you can actually contribute to this Phenomenon of a magazine by simply sharing your Experiences, Thoughts, Encounters, folk tales etc with us – From You to Us.

A baby is born. All stakeholders are happy –the family, the medical personnel. But NOT the baby! He comes naked, empty-handed and crying out. Why? Challenges of Existence by a specialist Obstetrician sets the thought rolling. That was the phenomenon of birth.

Now, we also serve you the phenomenon of death. What is prominent on the minds of terminally ill patients who are approaching death? What are their feelings? Check out our Book Choice‘Dying’ by Professor John Hinton – who carried out an intensive study on several of such patients.

This is the Multiple-Main-course buffet from THINKER’S DIGEST to satiate your appetite this month.

Happy reading.

Your fellow Student in the Realm of the Mind,