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In the beginning, God created man in His own image. Therefore, ab initio, God had noble intentions for man. He gave him a very high rating. In the Garden of Eden, God comes down to fellowship one-on-one with man.

But alas! It wasn’t long before spanner was thrown in the works. And who threw the spanner? Man. God had to wipe out the entire population of men on earth then – sparing just the family of Noah. But He made a vow that He would not wipe man out in such a way again.

Man began life on a new slate. But what happened? Again, man saturated the world with iniquity. And God, remembering His vow not to destroy the world again, had to send His Only son to sacrifice Himself to salvage man. That was 2,000 years ago.

Who is man? Why is he so full of himself? Why does he go about as if he owns and controls the world? Why does he pride himself as if he is self-perfect?
Oh, man has ‘conquered’ the sea, the air and outer space; he has made the automobile engine, the telephone, television and the computer, the lot… With these he sees himself as lord and master of the earth. But is he?

Today, discerning minds know that the state of man (and what he has made of God’s earth) is worse off than it was when Jesus first came. Of all the myriad of exciting, mind-blowing, some life-threatening, things that man has “made”, can he point to one which he created from nothing? Are they not all things he had assembled from original, prime things created by God, and with the physical and mental capacity created into him by God?

Is there one thing created by God and/or “made” by man which man himself has not misused, misapplied to his detriment? The earth, oceans, air, motorcar, Internet, computer, food, drinks…
Does man know and comprehend the earth he lives on; the extent of the universe; the sun; even a speck of dust?
Does man know himself? Does he know his purpose in Creation?
“Fear God and keep His commandments, for this is the whole duty of man” – {Ecclesiastes 12:13B (NIV)}
Pause and ponder: Man should always stand in awe of God in all he thinks, says and does – and the world will be a better place for him.

God has nothing to lose if man fails. But Man has everything – including his Eternity – to lose.


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Way down at the very ground level, the Ant goes about his daily life – innocent, law-abiding creature. Going about the task and covenant his creator gave him. He works hard, gathering crumbs of food– not anyone’s property, but crumbs rejected and thrown away. After feeding himself and his household, he stores the excess into his chambers for the proverbial rainy day.

But looming large and high above the Ant is Man, also going about his normal daily life activities – some innocent, many not innocent. Man matches majestically, walking rough-shod and never minding how he trods on the grounds – on the same good old earth meant for all creatures. The Ant lives all his life in constant terror of Man. He can see and feel the ‘awesomeness’ of Man every second. He is never free in all his sleeping and waking moments of shocks, vibrations, echoes and trauma from the movement of Man and his sundry activities. Every now and again, the Ant or any of his family members, in their numbers – including new born babies – are crushed under the foot of Man! And he shows no remorse for this.

Also looming large and high above Man, high up in the Heavens is GOD. The Almighty One. The All-powerful Creator, Controller, Commander and Dictator, of the Heavens and the Earth and everything in it. God sits in Heaven with the earth as His footstool. He never sleeps nor slumbers, but watches constantly over His entire creation and all activities going on thereon. Man can see and feel the awesomeness of God all around him: the sun, moon, oceans, mountains, air, soil bringing forth food, our Sleeping and Waking…With a breath of His nostrils, the Almighty God can wipe away Man; with a tap of His foot, He can dislodge the entire earth; with a movement of His Hand, He can remove or re-shape the world or any parts thereof…
And Man (in their billions) is like the Ant under God’s foot…

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