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Time And Space.

You are strolling along the sidewalk of a twelve-lane dual carriage megacity highway at peak traffic period – like the Ikorodu Road on the Lagos mainland. You get to a Bus-stop, (Palmgrove bus-stop), and you need to cross to the other side of the highway.

You could decide to take the gauntlet – to take the risk by meandering and flicking through the twelve lanes of fast-moving vehicles; an exercise that will put you under intense stress, with your heart in your mouth, your heart pounding wildly, terribly tensed up . . . if you make it through in one piece.

Or you could decide to take the overhead pedestrian bridge.

You take the second option.

Now, the vehicles are still cruising non-stop, at top speed both ways on the highway – and you are crossing the highway.

But, instead of your heart pounding wildly, running a gauntlet through agents of death, you are strolling majestically across the same highway without a care in the world, whistling a soft tune under your breath and completely at ease. (This is at a point in time space downstairs, that you would have been run over by a cruising vehicle!). Perpendicularly way down is death. But , you are beyond and safe from the danger.

Can you fathom the difference?

The key is that you took yourself ABOVE the problem. Physically.

That is in the physical state.

Be aware that just as Man can do this physically, he can also do it in the Subconscious state. And if you can do it in the Subconscious, you can do it in the Spiritual state.



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courtesy: Babatunde Faniyan – THINKING with You



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